The professional career of Alberto Balatroni was born and developed in commercial organizations, more specifically Sales and Marketing. Over the years has taken on different responsibilities, from the role of “Store Manager” to “Head of Direct and Indirect Sales Network”, from “Area Manager” to “Chief of Sales and Marketing”, currently Business Consultant and Entrepreneur.
Its characteristics have led him to be frequently required to reorganization activities, launch of new sales channels, start-up of Business Units and New Companies.
The management of the sales network has always been carried out in as different ways as possible, fit for purpose and in compliance with the economics guidelines. Managed mixed and multi-channel networks, consisting of Direct Agents (Gross Distribution, Consumer Electronics, Furniture, B2B), Key Account Manager (Major Accounts and National B2B), Wholesalers and Distributors (independent specialists), Call Center (telesales) , Networks Diffusive (Tobacconists – Newstands – lottery shops), Door 2 Door.
The expertise gained in the context of start-up consists in learning the processes and methods to obtain a global vision of the market, study the processes of customer acquisition, analyze the market for a correct positioning of products/services and their prices. From the strategic vision derives the definition of targets and marketing campaigns and communication. Project and development are completed by the search for new sales channels and their contextualization within the entire commercial network, paying particular attention to the management of conflicts by promoting synergies.
While taking commitments as a management consultant, decided to start a new and exciting experience as international entrepreneur as Co-Founder of a young organization operating in the tourism market under the brand name Click Holidays and, subsequently, in the areas of energy renewables and new technologies for public administration and private companies with brands WM & C.
Co-Founder of Before 2 StArt srls, June 2017, a company that has acquired expertises and resources from the Italian WM&C Media Agency and Click Holidays Italia and is working on important marketing, communication, advertising and events projects.
The staff consists of senior resources with national and international experiences in various fields, including those by the founders and referring to:
– Business Plan & Start Up (Communications and Media, GDO and GDS, NewCo)
– Marketing & Sales
– Tax Planning
– Legal
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Co-Founder of ZA Viagens, Turismo e Eventos LTDA, December 2015, a company in which all the activities carried out at the Brazilian headquarters in São Paulo, specifically the new company has acquired Clicck Holidays Brasil and freelance consultancy in order to get a better organization and performace of exercise.
This company is responsible for the following brands:
– ZAffiro Viagens, personalized travels for high profile customers
– Europe and America Easy, personalized travels for medium to medium-high profile customers
– SuoViaggio, an important sector blog with over 34.000 followers and an electronic magazine
Co-Founder of WM&C Italia srls, start-up created in May 2014. The company mainly carries out consulting activities in saving energy and the environment both in Italy and abroad with a focus on Spain, North Africa, Central and South America. For business development uses two informative sites:
– 1) National
– 2) International
The areas of competence are inherited from previously carried out with a greater focus in the systems of water purification and also the production of energy from mini-hydro power plants:
– Production Energy from Mini-Hydroelectric Power Plants
– Drinking water from water wells, pools and more
– Power management systems Public Lighting
Co-Founder of Click Holidays: from the month of May 2012 to May 2017. After the exploration of the Brazilian market, carried out in the role of consultant, he decided to take the field as Entrepreneur international starting-up, as Co-Founder, a new Tour Operator based in São Paulo (Brasil) and also in Brescia (Italy) with an eye-catching brand that expresses clearly its mission: Click holidays, your holiday in one click!
The two companies:
– Click Viagens e Turismo Holidays Brasil LTDA (now ZA Viagens, Turismo e Eventos LTDA)
– Clicks Holidays Italy srl (now Before 2 StArt srls)
Freelance Consultant: from January 2011 to 2014. In the first three months of 2011, he moved to São Paulo (Brazil) where it deals with the study of the consumer market and its dynamics in a country with a rapidly growing and emerging economy; also interested in the analysis of brands, consumer prices, habits and lifestyles. From this experience came to life a project of a new style of Tour Operator specializing in custom and themed trips made by Click Holidays.
Consultant in Company Organization: from April 2011 to May 2014. Three years of work in which alternated the phases of analysis and study of the state of the art, the exploration of new opportunities and markets, selection of partner reference and finally the release of the new international organization under the new brand WM&C Italia srls in May 2014. In the function of “Head of Business Development” has reorganized the activities defining the new organization into four business areas:
– Energy
– Marketing
– Technology
– Public Administration
DAHLIA TV S.p.a.: from December 2008 to October 2010 as Director of Sales and Trade Marketing, with position of Manager, responsible for all sales channels (GDO, GDS, Retail and Independent / No Brand) and national distributors; project and implementation of DTT products and services for markets consumer electronics, tobacco, lottery (Sisal and Lottomatica), newsstands, other channels such as Door2Door; also deals with the organization of promotion operations is “door in” and “out door” campaigns for the launch of new offers, special campaigns in the food market and also in the newsstands in partnership with leading national and local newspapers.
LA7 Televisions S.p.a. (Group Telecom Italia Media S.p.a.) from November 2004 to December 2008 as Director of Sales with the position of Manager, research and project of new commercial channels for the launch of the innovative Digital Terrestrial TV, in charge of sales channels (GDO, GDS , Retail and Independent / No Brand) and national distribution channels. Opening of DTT products and services in areas such as food, tobacco shops, betting offices, newsagents and others.
MTV Mobile (MVNO) Start up: from September 2007 to June 2008, cooperated to the definition of the project, the guidelines and the correct identification of the target. Responsible for the activities of the organization and distribution of the offers and the sales channels.
Telecom Italia Media S.p.a.: from January 2003 through October 2004 as part of the Division Internet Service Provider ( as Head of Centre and North Italy for all Sales Channels, with the aim of developing the customer base and revenue generated by the insertion of new offers and products and maintain the responsibility of the national framework agreements with all the main international vendors.
Seat Pagine Gialle S.p.a.: from October 2000 to December 2002 during the launch of broadband access to Internet (ADSL), was responsible for the development of retail channels, Large Specialized Distribution, Distributors. The activity also includes the important responsibility of making operational marketing bundling (bundle) with leading international vendors.
Telecom Italia S.p.a.: from August 1987 to October 2000 in various positions, from the experience of Agency (Brescia) to Regional Office as Head of Direct and Indirect Sales Network in Lombardy.