The years carried out in big companies and in key positions in the development of new businesses and markets, leading over time to develop specific expertise in start-up situations, from new “business units” to New Companies.
The skills acquired over the years have found applications in various market sectors for which can be provided valuable advices and collaborations.
Private Sector Start-up
– Spin off: how to manage change on both the human resources and business.
– NewCo: identify areas of activity and business development; sizing the organization.
– New Business Unit: market analysis, target identification and intervention planning.
– Strategic: competitive analysis, market space, innovative products / services.
– Operational: positioning products / services and the choice of sales channels.
– Trade: presentation and promotion of products / services on field.
Communication & ADV
– Corporate and product branding
– Organization and Management Press Office
– Communication Training Stages
– Analysis “as is”: evaluation of the results achieved and identify areas for improvement.
– Timing: definition of guidelines and timeframes.
– Monitoring: constant verification of the results.
Commercial Network Management Outsourcing
– Market analysis of reference, selection, organization and management of the sales network.
– Detection of SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.
– Action plans, targets and related Gantt.
Public Administration and Health Care
Public Administration

– Adequacy of street lighting results with maximum efficiency with reduced operating costs.
– Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP): get to 2020 with major improvements to the environment, under the roles included into the “Covenant of Mayors”, with the aim of honoring the Kyoto Protocol.
– Renewable Energy: environment and how to save costs keeping the Stability Pact.
Health Care (public and private) in Partnership with Multinational Company
– Design of local networks (campus)
– Realization of WiFi networks high safety and efficiency
– Integration the service access for private or corporate devices (BYOD)