Below are the main areas of intervention with direct consultancy through one of the companies founded: Before 2 StArt – WM&C Italia – ZA Viagens Turismo e Eventos.

Start up

  • Spin off: how to manage change on both the human resources and business.
  • NewCo: identify areas of activity and business development; sizing the organization.
  • New Business Unit: market analysis, target identification and intervention planning.


  • Strategic: competitive analysis, market space, innovative products / services.
  • Operational: positioning products / services and the choice of sales channels.
  • Trade: presentation and promotion of products / services on field.

Communication & ADV

  • Corporate and product branding.
  • Organization and Management Press Office.
  • Communication Training Stages.


  • Analysis “as is”: evaluation of the results achieved and identify areas for improvement.
  • Timing: definition of guidelines and timeframes.
  • Monitoring: constant verification of the results.

Commercial Network Management Outsourcing

  • Market analysis of reference, selection, organization and management of the sales network.
  • Detection of SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.
  • Action plans, targets and related Gantt.

Public Administration

  • Adequacy of street lighting results with maximum efficiency with reduced operating costs.
  • Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP): get to 2020 with major improvements to the environment, under the roles included into the “Covenant of Mayors”, with the aim of honoring the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Renewable Energy: environment and how to save costs keeping the Stability Pact.

Health Care (public and private)

In partnership with Multinational Company
  • Design of local networks (campus)
  • Realization of WiFi networks high safety and efficiency
  • Integration the service access for private or corporate devices (BYOD)